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Rules Betting Guide FAQ Glossary

. All rules, regulations, and payoffs contained herein are subject to change and revision by the management without prior written notice!!!

. We do not report winnings of individuals to any government agencies. It is the responsibility of each member to report any income from
wagering to their respective government agencies where it applies.

. All transactions and wagers shall be considered originating from and governed by the laws of Costa Rica.

. Members are solely responsible for their own account transactions. Please be sure to review your wagers for any mistakes before sending them over. Once a bet is placed over the computer it cannot be changed. CHECK ALL BETS CAREFULLY!!!

. Management reserves the right to refuse or limit any wager. Management also reserves the right to cancel any wager made on an obviously "bad" line, due to data transfer or human error.

The lines posted by the Stardust Sports book in Las Vegas will prevail as the correct line (s) in the case of a data transfer error. The customer may then make a new wager with the corrected line.
If you report an obviously "bad" line to us, you will be

. Members must use both their USERNAME and PASSWORD on all wagering calls.

. All wagers will be accepted up to the posted starting time of the event.

. All sporting events must be played on the scheduled day unless otherwise specified. Sporting events postponed and then rescheduled, will automatically constitute a "no action" wager, and all money will be refunded accordingly.

. Management keeps track of all wagers, point and /or price changes made prior to the start of an event by computer to help minimize errors and to aid in fairly settling disputes.

. Players making any wager must be 18 years of age or older.